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Staywell Aluminium Pet Door 600 Series

Original price $119.95 - Original price $271.95
Original price
$119.95 - $271.95
Current price $119.95

Give your pet the freedom to come and go as they please with the Staywell Aluminium Pet Door. The door features a hard-wearing, flexible flap that has been UV treated to put up with the sun's harsh rays. It has a solid aluminium frame and can be fitted to most doors and walls, such as wooden, pvc and metal doors and also brick walls.

The pet door also comes with a closing panel for those times you need to keep your pet in or even out.

All doors come with an installation guide, cutting template and all fitting screws required and a 3 year warranty.

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X Large
  • Pet Size: Up to 7kg
    Frame Dimensions: 201mmx 298mm
    Flap Opening: 132mm x 206mm
    Cut Out Size: 150mm x 245mm
    Maximum Pet Shoulder Width: 132mm

  • Pet Size: Up to 18kg
    Frame Dimensions: 277mm x 400mm
    Flap Opening: 209mm x 311mm
    Cut Out Size: 225mm x 348mm
    Maximum Pet Shoulder Width: 209mm

  • Pet Size: Up to 45kg
    Frame Dimensions: 329mm x 502mm
    Flap Opening: 260mm x 413mm
    Cut Out Size: 277mm x 451mm
    Maximum Pet Shoulder Width: 260mm

  • Pet Size: Up to 100kg
    Frame Dimensions: 417mm x 692mm
    Flap Opening: 349mm x 603mm
    Cut Out Size: 366mm x 642mm
    Maximum Pet Shoulder Width: 349mm