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Reptile Feeding Accessories

  • from $13.95

    Exo Terra Water Dish

    Designed to have a natural and realistic look. The Exo Terra Water Dish's are coated to make them easy to clean and helps prevent development of ha...

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    from $13.95
  • from $11.95

    Exo Terra Aztec Water Dish

    This beautiful Aztec inspired water dish will not only be an eye catching addition to any terrarium but the clever design prevents it from being ti...

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    from $11.95
  • $16.95

    Exo Terra Aztec Frog Water Dish

    This Aztec inspired frog look water dish is a eye catching addition for any reptile or amphibian terrarium. The clever design ensures it is not eas...

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  • from $17.95

    Exo Terra Feeding Dish

    A natural look dish for reptiles that are easy to clean and not easily tipped over. Available in Medium - 13.5 x 11 x 2cmLarge - 20.5 x 18 x 3cmX L...

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    from $17.95
  • from $10.95


    Made from quality surgical stainless steel these tweezers have a wide range of uses including hygienically feeding, feeding without being bitten, r...

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    from $10.95
  • $11.95

    Feeding Tongs - Plastic

    6" high quality feeding tongs perfect for hand feeding, bird, small animals or aquarium fish reptiles with ease.

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    from $19.95

    Exo Terra Cricket Pen

    Ideal for housing, keeping and dispensing live crickets. Crickets prefer dark spaces, and will readily crawl into the tubes which provide hiding pl...

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    from $19.95