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Small Animal Toys & Chews

  • $12.95

    Carrot Toy 'n' Treat Holder

    A great addition to the enclosure of small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and more, the Carrot Toy 'n' Treat Holder is great for mental...

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  • $24.95

    Large Metal Wheel

    AllPets Large metal wheel is great for getting rats and other rodents moving. Bust their boredom by having fun and getting exercise at the same tim...

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  • $22.95

    Nylon Cat Tunnel

    120cm brightly coloured cat tunnel. For hiding and pouncing and playing. Easy to wash, also suitable for other small animals like rabbits.

  • from $5.95

    Tunnel Burrow

    These extendable, non-toxic plastic tunnels create a fun and exciting play area for your pet. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and easy...

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    from $5.95
  • from $11.95

    Exercise Wheel- Metal Deluxe

    Perfect for mice, rats and other small rodents can be used either free standing or is easily attached to metal cages. Great for busting boredom and...

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    from $11.95
  • from $8.95

    Pet One Mouse Wheel

    The Pet One Mouse Wheel is a favourite when it come to mice and rats. Let them run until their hearts content.The Pet One Mouse wheels are easy to ...

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    from $8.95
  • $6.95

    Salt Lick and Mineral Wheel

    Minerals are an important part of your pets daily diet. With the salt lick and mineral wheel your small pet is not only getting essential minerals ...

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  • $4.95

    Small Animal Mineral Chew

    Perfect for rabbits and guinea pigs, these mineral chews not only provide essential minerals small animals need in their diet but they also help re...

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  • $9.95

    Woodies Fruity Rollers

    Stimulate play such as, chasing, pouncing and gnawing with Woodies Fruity Rollers. Made and coloured with 100% safe materials these brightly colour...

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  • $12.95

    Fruit 3D Nibble Stix

    These brightly coloured wooden chews will bring life to any enclosure, great for small pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs and rats, they encourage y...

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