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Cat Health

  • $3.95

    Teat P - For Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs

    The Wambaroo Teat P is a small latex nipple with a fine pointed ens suitable for kittens, rabbits, guinea pigs and small mammals. Teat Selection Th...

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  • $3.95

    Teat C - For Cats

    The Wambaroo Teat C is a small latex nipple suitable for kittens, rabbits and small carnivorous marsupials.  Teat Selection The teat should resembl...

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  • $5.95

    Wambaroo Teat Bottle

    This 120ml bottle is ideal for hand rearing small animals.The Wambaroo Teat Bottle is suitable for use with all Wambaroo teats.

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    Clear, sterile, disposable syringes sold separately and sealed in their own individual pack.

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  • from $10.95

    Cat Milk Replacer

    Wombaroo Cat Milk Replacer has been specially formulated to match the composition of a mother cats milk. High in protein, including whey protein fo...

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    from $10.95
  • $17.95

    Triple Pet Toothpaste

    This non-foaming formula helps remove plaque and tartar and maintain healthy teeth and gums. With no needs for rinsing its quick and easy to use an...

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  • $12.95

    Petkin Doggy Sunwipes

    Petkin Doggy Sunwipes have a non-greasy formula and are quick and easy to wipe over ears, noses, muzzles  or any sensitive areas that have exposure...

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  • $11.95

    VitaRapid Cat Tranquil Daily Treats

    Daily treats specifically created for cats that have trouble coping in stressful situations like car trips, fireworks, thunderstorms or even being ...

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  • $62.95

    Bestie Allrounder Balancing Supplement For Cats

    Giving our cats a healthy, high-meat yet well balanced meal is so important but can get tricky and overwhelming. Bestie Kitchen is an Australian co...

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  • $6.95

    Elasti-Wrap Cohesive bandage

    Elasti-Wrap is a flexible bandage that when applied correctly can be used as an excellent pressure bandage without restricting movement. This flexi...

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  • $24.95

    Hemp Oil Blend with Hoki Fish and MCT Oil for Cats

    This 100% natural unique formula brings all the goodness of Hempseed Nectar and Hoki Oil together.It is high in EFA's as well as being rich in DHA ...

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  • $19.95

    Balanced Cal

    Balanced Cal is a Calcium and Vitamin D3 supplement that aids in correcting the calcium to phosphorus ratio in meat diets for dogs and cats and in ...

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  • $24.95

    Vetalogica Feline Tranquil Chews

    These tasty chews are formulated to help reduces stress in cats that are subject to uncomfortable situations such as thunderstorms, fireworks, vet ...

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  • $26.95


    Nutripet is a palatable high-energy, nutritional boost for your dog or cat through all life stages. Nutripet is high in calories, vitamins and mine...

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