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Small Animal Feeders & Waterers

  • from $12.95

    Small Glass Animal Drink Bottle

    Perfect for small animals this glass drink bottle is easy to clean, has a brightly coloured float to show when water needs refilling and easily fix...

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    from $12.95
  • from $7.95

    Living World Ergonomic Pet Dish

    The Living World Ergonomic Pet Dish is designed to allow small pets to easily access their food without being able to tip their dish over. Easy to ...

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    from $7.95
  • $9.95

    Hanging Treat Holder Ball 5"

    Reduce mess and eliminate soiled food with the Treat Holder Ball. Easily hung from any wire cage the treat holder ball can hold fresh fruit , vegie...

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  • $14.95

    Tool Box Hay Feder

    Keep your small pets hay clean and stop them from spreading it around using the Tool Box Hay Feeder. Safe enough to gnaw on. Approx 22 x 13cm

  • from $8.95

    Pawise Locking Crock Bowl

    Stop those cheeky critters from knocking over their food and water bowls with the Pawise Locking Crock bowl.Easily attachable to any wire cage and ...

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    from $8.95
  • from $12.95

    Living World Glass Bottle

    These easy to install, space saving water bottles are made from eco-friendly recyclable glass and have a double ball bearing, drip resistant tube,

    from $12.95
  • from $16.95

    Pet One Premium Top-Fill Drinking Bottle

    Suitable for Rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs and rats, the Pet One Premium Top-fill Drinking Bottle saves space and keeps water clean. Made from heav...

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    from $16.95
  • $6.95

    Fruit Stick

    The fruit stick is a great way of keeping fresh fruit and veggies off the ground, keeping them sanitary and cages cleaner. Simply slide chopped fru...

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  • $7.95

    Vegetable Holder

    The perfect way of keeping your small pets treats clean and sanitary, the vegetable holder easily fits to any wire cage. Suitable for treats such a...

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  • $18.95

    Hay Manger

    The hay manger in an easy and sanitary way to dispense hay or treats to your small pet. The manger is 18cm tall and easily fixed to a wire cage and...

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