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Reptile Health

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    Clear, sterile, disposable syringes sold separately and sealed in their own individual pack.

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    Calgrit is a granular shaped crushed limestone which adds calcium to the water and buffers the pH, preventing illnesses such as soft shell. Calgrit...

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    Turtle Health Block

    Turtle Health Blocks are specifically designed to reduce the acidity that maybe in their water due to ammonia and release beneficial vitamins and m...

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    Liquid Calcium

    Reptile One Liquid Calcium is an easily absorbed calcium supplement, which is essential for all animals not just reptiles. Calcium is necessary for...

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    Exo Terra Calcium + D3 Powder

    Exo Terra Calcium + D3 Powder contains high levels of phosphorus- free calcium as well as balanced amounts of vitamin D3, which helps aid the absor...

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    Exo Terra Multi Vitamin

    Exo Terra Multi Vitamin has been formulated to help reptiles meet their daily nutritional needs which is near impossible to do with a captive diet....

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    Mac Mite Insecticide

    Mac Mite Insecticide is an aerosol spray that is safe for most Australian reptiles used for the control of snake mite in enclosures. 100g