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Dog Training and Clean Up

  • from $17.95

    Flat Sided Bucket with Hooks

    This stainless steel bucket features strong riveted hooks for hooking on cage wiring.The food grade stainless steel is designed to not rust or corr...

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    from $17.95
  • $29.95

    Good Dog Treat Pouch Large

    So much more than just a treat pouch, the Good Dog Treat Pouch has not only a removable, washable liner in the treat pocket but this pouch also car...

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  • $24.95

    Yours Droolly Scented Dog Poo Bags - 150 Bags

    Yours Droolly Scented Refill Bags 150 Bags is a pack of refill waste-bags suitable for any Yours Droolly poop-bag dispenser. This pack of 10 refill...

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  • $11.95

    Doog Tidy Bag Refills- Box of 3

    The Doog Tidy Bags are a thick, black Oxo-biodegradable bags, that are strawberry scented and have convenient long handles that make tying easy.Thi...

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  • $26.95

    Stop Chew for Dogs

    Aristopet Stop Chew for Dogs is a bitter tasting product designed to make surfaces where it has been sprayed undesirable to chew.Whether it be teet...

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  • $25.95

    Deluxe Silent Dog Whistle

    Heard from up to 900 feet away, this whistle is great for training your dog in the field. It features and adjustable pitch, a chain lanyard and a p...

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  • $8.95

    Karen Pryor I-Click

    The Karen Pryor I-Click is small enough to be hidden in the palm of your hand, and quiet enough to be used in class or for sensitive animals. It is...

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  • from $14.95

    Disposable Dog Diapers

    These breathable yet super absorbent disposable diapers help with females in heat, excitable urination and accidental messes. 12 Pack Waist SizeX S...

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    from $14.95
  • $4.95

    Pooper Scooper Super Bags

    Designed to fit neatly and securely in the tray of the Super Pooper Scooper, these bio degradable bags take the messy part out of such a messy job....

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