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Small Animal Hideaways

  • from $14.95

    Hyacinth Tunnel

    The Hyacinth Tunnel is the perfect hideaway or fun tunnel for your small pet. Made for all natural materials and containing no glue, wire or staple...

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    from $14.95
  • $19.95

    Sleep 'n' Play Cheese

    The Sleep 'n' Play Cheese is a cute little hade away for your pet mouse, this colourful piece will be a great addition to their home.

  • $12.95

    Shred-A-Log Corrugated Tunnel

    The Shred-A-Log Corrugated Tunnel is a uniquely designed cardboard tunnel. Perfect for playing, chewing and hiding your small pet will love this tu...

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  • from $14.95

    Sea Grass Tunnel

    These 100% all natural tunnels make a great hideaway for your small pet. Free from any glues, wire or staples, these tunnels are perfectly safe and...

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    from $14.95
  • $22.95

    Rabbit Activity Tunnel

    This uniquely designed tunnel is packed with features that make them like no other tunnel. The 90cm long tunnel has a removable mattress and run ti...

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  • from $4.95

    Natural Hide Out

    Perfect to us as hideaways, tunnels or ladders, the Natural hide Out is made from natural wood and perfectly safe for those pets that love to chew....

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    from $4.95
  • from $15.95

    Multi Tunnel

    Made with natural wood and non-toxic colouring, the Multi Tunnel is a flexible tunnel that can be arched to use as a hideaway or straightened out t...

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    from $15.95
  • from $5.95

    Tunnel Burrow

    These extendable, non-toxic plastic tunnels create a fun and exciting play area for your pet. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and easy...

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    from $5.95
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    from $7.95

    Walk-Up Small Animal Barn

    The Walk-Up Small Animal Barn is not only a safe hideaway but features stairs for the curious small pet that would like to climb and enjoy the view...

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    from $7.95
  • $28.95

    Ferret Play Tube

    Easily fixed to the roof of your ferrets cage, the play tube provides endless fun, encouraging climbing, burrowing, hiding and after all that sleep...

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