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Fish Health

  • $89.95

    Freshwater Master Test Kit

    The Freshwater Master Test Kit is a simple way to get professional results when testing the 4 most important levels in your aquarium. Quickly and a...

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  • $17.95

    LCD Electronic Thermometer

    Located on the outside of your aquarium for convenience, the Aqua One LCD Electronic thermometer features an easy to read display which will accura...

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  • $4.95

    Glass Thermometer

    This mercury free glass thermometer has an easy to read temperature range of 0- 50 degrees and stays in place with a high quality suction cup.

  • $15.95

    Easy Read Thermomerter

    The Aqua One Easy Read Thermometer is a wireless, fully submersible thermometer that features a clear display so you can read an accurate temperatu...

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  • $14.95

    Turtle Fix

    Turtle Fix is a safe, all-natural way to treat topical bacterial infections on aquatic and semi-aquatic reptile and amphibians, and rapidly works t...

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  • from $21.95


    Pimafix is used to rapidly treat fish fungal infections, cottony growth, mouth and body fungus, internal and external bacterial infections all whil...

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    from $21.95
  • from $18.95


    Melafix is an all natural antibacterial treatment that works to treat infections and diseases in fish. Melafix is great to use also when adding new...

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    from $18.95
  • $22.95

    Broad Spectrum Remedy

    For use when new fish are added to tanks and there is risk of disease, or fish are looking listless. By adding to the tank Broad Spectrum Remedy ai...

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  • $15.95

    Fungus and Finrot Remedy

    For use on goldfish and freshwater tropical fish, Fungus and Finrot Remedy is specially formulated for the treatment of the most common fungal infe...

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