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Grooming - Small Animals

  • $19.95

    Dr Zoo Irritable Skin Cream

    This cream is made from edible oils and other soothing ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Centella Asiatica for further calming. This bal...

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  • $29.95

    Chenille Drying Mitt

    A super absorbent mitt designed for cleaning and drying your pet.Machine washable

  • $12.95

    Micro Fiber Drying Towel

    This soft micro fiber towel dries your pet up to 4 times quicker than an ordinary towel. 100cm x 60cm

  • $16.95

    Gripsoft Rotating Comfort Comb Fine & Coarse 20cm

    For all breeds and all types the Gripsoft Rotating Comfort Comb Fine & Coarse 20cm has a comfortable non-slip grip. The stainless steel pins ro...

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  • $13.95

    Gripsoft Coarse Comb

    The Gripsoft Coarse Comb is perfect to keep the coat of medium and long-haired breeds tangle-free.

  • $12.95

    Gripsoft Small Dog Nail Clipper

    Ideal for small dogs, birds, cats and small animals the Gripsoft Small Dog Nail Clipper helps trim and maintain nails at a comfortable length.

  • $14.95

    Gripsoft Nail Trimmer

    Trimming dog's nails is important, the Gripsoft Nail Trimmer makes a not so fun job quick and easy.

  • $17.95

    Gripsoft Small Slicker Brush

    The small slicker brush is designed to remove dead and shedding hair.

  • $25.95

    Gripsoft Dematting Rake

    The Gripsoft Dematting Rake removes dead, shedding, matted or knotted hair from the innermost layer, while leaving the outer coat undisturbed.