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  • from $6.95

    Semi Lean (new formulation)

    Available in: 1kg Rolls                    - $6.95 Carton Of 14 Rolls  - $94.50 ($6.75 per kg) This multi protein mix consists of mainly human grad...

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    from $6.95
  • $8.95

    Human Grade Lean Mince

    This beef / kangaroo human grade mince mix is top of the range containing equal amounts of quality cuts of beef and kangaroo. Made from 100% Austra...

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  • $8.95

    Human Grade Beef Mince

    Available in:800g Rolls               $8.95 Spoil your pet with our human grade 100% Australian farmed Beef Mince. It has only 10-15% fat, which is...

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  • from $7.80

    Premium Beef Mince

    Available in:1kg Rolls                   $7.80Carton Of 12 Rolls  $91.20 ($7.60 per kg)10kg packs               $74 With only 12-15...

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    from $7.80
  • from $6.20

    Budget Beef Mince

    Available in:1kg Rolls                   $6.20Carton Of 12 Rolls  $72 ($6 per kg)10kg packs               $58 This Regular Beef Mince has approxima...

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    from $6.20
  • $65.00

    Roo Mince with Beef Fat (RMBF)

    Available in 10kg packs Made from 100% Australian Kangaroo and Beef, this minced blend is a mix of roo meat and beef fat! Coming in at 14-16% fat,...

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  • $5.95

    Puppy Transition Mince

    Available in 1kg Rolls Our Puppy Transition mince is a blend of 100% human grade beef and lamb meat that has been finely minced to create a tasty a...

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  • $7.80

    Veal Mince

    Available in 1kg Rolls100% Australian farmed, our veal mince is a great choice for both dogs and cats that lead an average active lifestyle. At 10-...

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  • $10.95

    Diced Beef

    Available in 1kg packsMade from 100% Australian Beef and with only 6-8% fat, these premium, lean beef chunks are a great way to add texture to you...

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  • $4.50

    Beef Fat

    Available in 500g packs Made from 100% Australian Beef, beef fat is great to include in the rotational diet of dogs that are really active or could...

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