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Bird Cage Accessories

  • from $8.95

    Calcium Perch

    An easy to attach perch that is great for trimming birds nails and beaks. Also full of calcium for strong bones, muscle function and egg developme...

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    from $8.95
  • from $8.95


    The Living World® Pedi-Perch is a self grooming, non-toxic, cement perch for birds that helps trim and maintain blunt, well-groomed nails. The mul...

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    from $8.95
  • $12.95

    Rope Double Rings

    The AllPet Rope Double Rings are 2 x 21cm rings attached that hang one under the other from the top of your birds cage. The solid wire rings are bo...

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  • from $6.95

    Cement Swing with Wire Frame

    Wire frame swing with cement and crushed seashells. Naturally trims nails and beak. Available in 4" or 7"

    from $6.95
  • from $24.95

    Polly's Tooty Fruity

    These Perches are not only colourful and fun, but they are totally edible. Mde from 100% digestible ground calcium and real bee pollen. they come i...

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    from $24.95
  • from $7.95

    Grit Perch 2 Pack

    A great accessory for any bird cage, grit perches help wear down sharp nails and when swallowed, the grit helps break up seed shells in birds stoma...

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    from $7.95
  • from $8.95

    Rope Bird Perch

    Easily fixed to any wire cage, the Rope Bird Perch is a soft perch that is easily manipulated into a position of your choice. Perfect for adding a ...

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    from $8.95
  • $19.95

    Bird Net Wooden Handle

    This soft. light weight, netting bird net allows you to safely catch aviary birds without causing harm to their delicate wings.30cm wooden handle.

  • from $11.95

    Birdie Tropical Bird Hut

    The Birdie Tropical Bird Hut easily attaches to the inside of your birds cage offering them a safe place to snuggle away from drafts. Available in ...

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    from $11.95