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Vet's All Natural Sensitive Skin


Designed to mimic a natural wild dog diet, this 'raw' inspired, low allergy mix is a complete and balanced diet when raw meat such as Kangaroo is added. With all the hard work taken out this easy to feed mix is the perfect, all natural, healthy option for your dog. 
This Particular formula is designed to target the cause of skin problems and contains anti-oxidants, probiotics and Omega 3 for healthy skin and coat.

Available in
1kg - $26.95
5kg - $95.95

  • Ingredients
  • Analysis
  • Feeding Guide
  • Rolled oats, cracked barley, flax seed meal, carrots, split peas, calcium carbonate, parsley, kelp, lecithin, barley grass, Vitamin C, dried garlic, Protexin®, milk thistle, omega 3 powder, quercetin, green tea, zinc, colostrum, astragalus and perilla seed


    Protein                       15.9%
    Fat Content                 4.2%
    Carbohydrate             13.8%
    Fibre                           1.9%
    Ash                              2.7%
    Calcium mg/kg           270
    Phosphorus mg/kg     2500
    Linoleic a mg/kg         8200
    Linolenic a mg/kg       7600


  • Body weight Complete Mix Fresh water Fresh meat
    5 kg 30g 30ml 95g
    6-10 kg 55g 55ml 170g
    11-15 kg 75g 75ml 230g
    16-20 kg 100g 100ml 300g
    21-25 kg 115g 115ml 350g
    26-30 kg 130g 130ml 395g
    31-35 kg 150g 150ml 445g
    36-40 kg 160g 160ml 480g
    41-45 kg 180g 180ml 540g
    46-50 kg 200g 200ml 600g