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Nutty Delight


The Passwell Nutty Delight is a tasty treat bar packed full of nuts and grains parrots love. Designed to promote the natural foraging instincts, the Nutty Delight is also enriched with proteins and vitamins  and shell grit for added calcium. 
Suitable for medium to large parrots including ringnecks, alexandrines, conures, amazons, macaws, rosellas and cockatoos.

75g bar

  • Ingredients
  • Guidelines
  • Peanuts, almonds, mixed nuts, hulled oats, sunflower, safflower, sorghum, japanese millet, shirohie millet, french white millet, canola seed, linseed, vegetable oils, shell grit, gelatine, citric acid, vitamins & minerals.
    Seasonal variation in ingredients may occur. 

  • Caged birds are prone to over eating so bird should be limited to one 75 gram bar per bird per week.