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My Doggie Support - MSM + Vit C - 200g

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We take the highest quality, most pure, most clinically proven MSM powder known in the world and boost its' absorption with naturally occurring vitamin C from Rosehips to bring you an outstanding nutritional booster that can benefit any dog. 

  • Most pure (OptiMSM)
    OptiMSM is a registered trademark of Bergstrom Nutrition, Inc.
  • The highest quality (OptiMSM)
  • Boosted Absorption with naturally occurring Vit C from Rosehips
  • Supports growing puppies
  • Supports active and performance dogs
  • Supports Recovery

Stop giving your dog cheap and nasty MSM powder from China :(

We grow all our puppies, both personal and foster puppies with MSM powder because it supports their rapid growth, especially in giant breed puppies who can be prone to knuckling over regardless of diet


Methylsulfonylmethane also known as MSM (which is made up of 34% sulfur) has a number of impressive benefits.  Unfortunately, MSM in dog supplements is so often purchased cheaply from overseas markets where quality is questionable and sometimes even dangerous, we invest in OptiMSM® because it is an ultra-pure, high-quality MSM supplement backed by numerous pre-clinical and clinical studies for safety and efficacy.

Roles of OptiMSM:

  • Benefits overall joint health and normal range of motion to stay active.
  • May improve joint stress recovery time and prevent chronic joint issues to support a healthy, active lifestyle.
  • Plays a role in maintaining the cushion between joints to support mobility and protect healthy cartilage.
  • Combat soreness & joint fatigue.
  • Reduce effects of aging.
  • Regain nutritional support - Dietary sulfur is critical in the development and maintenance of healthy joints and cartilage.
  • Helps conserve a healthy immune system after physical stress.
  • Provides relief from pain and inflammation following exercise.
  • MSM is a vital building block for regeneration of damaged connective tissue.
  • Can help protect the muscles and joints from exercise-induced damage to support faster recovery time.
  • Helps reduce pro-inflammatory markers and increase anti-inflammatory markers to inhibit excessive inflammation caused by physical exertion.
  • By regulating mechanisms involved with healthy joints, cartilage, and muscles, MSM may help improve exercise performance to sustain a healthy, active lifestyle.

Vitamin C

We use naturally occurring vitamin C from Rosehips which gives the formula an orange hue. MSM has a great synergistic relationship with vitamin C (they work brilliantly together).  MSM was found to work best when taken alongside vitamin C. It’s likely that the presence of the vitamin improves the rate of absorbance of the MSM, producing more potent effects. Additionally, vitamin C and MSM share several complementary roles, making them ideal companions when taken as supplements.

Suggestion on how to include in your dog's diet:

Simply mix the recommended amount in with your dog's food or wet food such as meat, sardines, yogurt, kefir, etc. My Doggie Support may be double dosed in times of joint and ligament stress.


Cool, dry location such as a cupboard.  May be frozen.

Suggested use:

  • Under 10 kilos: 1/4 teaspoon
  • 10-20 kilos: 1/2 teaspoon
  • 20-40 kilos: 3/4 teaspoon
  • 40+ kilos:  1 teaspoon and then 1/4 of a teaspoon for every 10 kilos over 40 kilos.


Contraindications have not been identified. Information regarding safety and efficacy in pregnancy and lactation is lacking. Drug interactions are not well documented. No toxicity was noted in animal studies.


OptiMSM and naturally occurring vitamin C from Rosehips.