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My Doggie Gross Bits

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My Doggie Gross Bits is a perfect product for when you can't find raw offal, you're feeling lazy or you simply would like some variety!

How much to give:

Work out how much offal you need for your recipe (this is typically 100g of raw offal per kilo of recipe) and divide this by 3. Example: If your recipe calls for 50g of offal, divide 50g by 3 = 16.6g of offal powder, it's fine to round it up to 17g.

Things to know before placing your order:

  • When introducing anything new to your dog, start at a lower amount and build up, especially in dogs with sensitive digestive systems.
  • Dogs with medical conditions should not introduce any supplement or booster without first checking with your Vet.

Size: 100g