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Kohnkes Sprinter Gold Muscle Pro

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MUSCLE PRO™ contains human quality high protein whey powder isolates, with other nutrient co-factors for optimum muscle protein and energy synthesis – without herbs, hormones or gimmicks.

The natural source Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) of L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine are complemented by natural glutamine, lysine, aspartic acid and threonine, as well as a complete range of other amino acids, which are often low or inadequate in the diet of growing and racing greyhounds.

The inclusion of organic chelated zinc, natural source RRR vitamin E, organic sulphur, as well as organic chelated manganese and Vitamin B6, complement the BCAAs in helping to maintain the muscles.

It contains over 70% high quality crude protein to facilitate natural protein and energy synthesis in exercising muscles which have a role in the recovery process after racing, as well as maintaining muscle bulk between races. Within 10-14 days after starting on MUSCLE PRO™, trainers find that weak, slabby sided racers and finely built bitches, have the muscle power and strength to win races.

Extensive field trials over a 3 year period on hundreds of racing greyhounds have concluded that when used daily as directed within 15 to 20 minutes after a brisk walk or sprint-up, greyhounds are able to maintain adequate muscle between races with only an occasional top-up course of MUSCLE PRO™.

Many trainers give MUSCLE PRO™ for 2 days before race day, on race day and for 2 days after each race to help maintain optimum muscle bulk and strength. This can enable a greyhound to race more often and maintain the strength and speed to win. Dose rates for growing pups and aged, injured or retired greyhounds are also included on the label directions.