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Bell & Bone Dental Sticks - Salmon, Mint & Charcoal

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Question: do you brush your teeth each day? Imagine if you only brushed once a week...

Give 1 Stick per day for Fresher Breath & Cleaner Teeth!

  • Vet Recommended 
  • Grain and Filler Free
  • 2 Active Ingredients to fight Plaque and Tartar
  • Unique 3-Pronged Shape to Promote Chewing
  • 7 sticks per bag
  • Low in fat and low in calories

    Australian Made and Owned

    Available options:

    Medium (dogs 10-25kg)
    Large (dogs over 25kg)

    Ingredients and benefits 

    • Salmon is perfect for a daily dental stick, promoting a shinier coat and a happier belly.

      Mint is included to help freshen breath.

      Charcoal can help brighten your dog’s smile.

      Salmon (22%), Tapioca, Sweet Potato, Vegetable Binder, Coconut, Mint (4%), Guar Gum, Chia, Parsley, Charcoal (1%), Vegetable Protein, Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Mineral Salt, Acacia Tree (gum), Vegetable Oil, Zinc Sulphate