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All Terrain Basket Bed

Purchase Instore Only

Available for purchase in store only.

The All Terrain Basket Bed is a comfortable, durable pet bed designed for all year round. The specially reinforced material is ripstop and waterproof, allowing it to be used inside or outside. Its unique waterproof properties, not only keep the moisture away but also reduces the risk of those not so inviting odours.

The bed also features high sides to makes your pet feel safe and secure while it naps as well as a comfortable, reversible cushion, with a fleece side to keep your pet warm through those colder months and when the weather starts to warm up simply flip it over. The cushion cover is easily removed for washing.


Red, Blue and Grey 

Available in:

Small 58 x 35 x 25cm
Medium 65 x 45 x 28cm
Large 75 x 56 x 31cm
X Large 85 x 65 x 34cm