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  • $8.95

    Freeze Dried Crickets

    Pices freexe dried crickets are a 100% natural source of protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals suitable for lizards, turtles, birds and fish. Mix...

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    from $19.95

    Exo Terra Cricket Pen

    Ideal for housing, keeping and dispensing live crickets. Crickets prefer dark spaces, and will readily crawl into the tubes which provide hiding pl...

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    from $19.95
  • from $11.95

    Exo Terra Aztec Water Dish

    This beautiful Aztec inspired water dish will not only be an eye catching addition to any terrarium but the clever design prevents it from being ti...

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    from $11.95
  • $35.95

    Exo Terra Aztec Warrior Night Hide

    This Aztec inspired night hide ensures your pet has a safe and secure hiding place that is not only an essential part of any terrarium but will sup...

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  • $16.95

    Exo Terra Aztec Frog Water Dish

    This Aztec inspired frog look water dish is a eye catching addition for any reptile or amphibian terrarium. The clever design ensures it is not eas...

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  • from $16.95

    Exo Terra Cholla Cactus Skeleton

    The Exo Terra Cholla Skeleton offers the perfect, natural look sustainable alternative ot the Cholla cactus which is native to the Southwestern Uni...

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    from $16.95
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    Eco Tech Deluxe Incubator

    The Eco tech Reptile incubator maintains a constant and stable temperature during the development of hatchling reptiles within their eggs. Features...

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  • $91.95

    Eco Tech Dimming Day/Night Reptile Thermostat

    This advanced reptile thermostat is designed to replicate a reptiles natural habitat by dimming the heat during night hours. It includes a separate...

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  • from $13.95

    Exo Terra Forest Plant Ficus

    A realistic plant that compliments any habitat and helps to recreate a natural living space for your reptile. Available in Small or Medium

    from $13.95