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Wet Weather Enrichment Ideas for Pets

Wet Weather Enrichment Ideas for Pets

For many Aussie pet parents, wet weather can seriously impact your animal companion’s quality of life. Especially if the rain lasts for days; this can make your cat or dog feel bored, cooped up and restless, and can even lead to destructive or behavioural issues.

But challenging weather doesn’t have to ruin your pet's fun. There are countless ways to provide enrichment activities that tire them out, without leaving the house.

Because most of us are already aware that mental and physical stimulation for your dog or cat is vital for their health and happiness. Yet did you know that rainy day activities at home can be some of the most memorable bonding times you create with your beloved animal companion?

In this article, we’ll look at several wet weather enrichment ideas for pets. But first, let’s talk about some of the challenges of being stuck indoors during rainy weather.

Dog walking in the rain

Challenges of Being Indoors During Rainy Weather

  1. Space

    Many pet owners live in small apartments or houses with limited indoor space, making it challenging to set up complex activities or exercise areas for their pets that take up space.

  2. Differing Energy Levels

    Each animal has unique traits that affect their interest in certain enrichment activities. For instance, some are more energised and hyperactive (especially puppies and kittens) whilst others are fine with a few minutes of focused play.

    It’s useful to experiment with different enrichment types to find what your pet likes. Learning to spot the signs of boredom and stress in your pet can also help determine when they need more stimulating activities incorporated into their routine.

Cat sitting at window looking out at the rain
  1. Solo vs One-on-One Play

    Some pets are experts at entertaining themselves while others require a higher level of attention from their owners on a daily basis. Busy schedules can limit the amount of time you have to devote to one-on-one activities, which is why having a variety of options to keep your pet busy and entertained can be particularly helpful when time is in short supply.

  2. Durability of Toys

    Does your cat or dog destroy their new toy within the first few minutes of playing with it? Knowing your pet's personal play style and habits is important for selecting toys. For example, pets that are rough chewers or aggressive players may quickly destroy poorly made toys. So in this scenario it would be best to look for more durable and chew-resistant toys.

  3. Budget

    If you’re on a budget, you may not always be able to buy new toys on a regular basis. Luckily, there’s a variety of ways to keep your pet entertained with things you already have on hand around the home (which we’ll share shortly).

  4. Safety

    Potential hazards are always a consideration when it comes to your pet, like choking on small toys or ingesting toxic materials. So just make sure that enrichment products and activities are safe for your pet's size, age and breed.

So with that in mind, what kind of games and enrichment activities can you engage your cat or dog in during rainy days?

16 Dog Activities for Rainy Days

Avoid wet weather blues by introducing some fun indoor dog activities to your rainy day routine. These can have the combined benefit of sharpening your pup’s obedience skills, problem-solving skills, cognitive abilities and keeping them physically active all at the same time.

Dog Puzzles & Lick Mats

Dog puzzles and treat dispensing toys are great at stimulating your dog’s brain, while lick mats are ideal for reducing anxiety and helps to calm them. Look for options with varying levels of difficulty so they never get bored.

  1. Wrap some dry dog food in a towel to get their nose sniffing, keeping them on the hunt for their prize and having fun.
  2. Put some kibble or treats in an interactive puzzle toy like The West Paw Toppl that locks the large and small Toppl together for more of a challenge.
  3. Cover The LickiMat Classic Buddy with food of all different textures like , yoghurt, peanut butter, frozen bone broth or mashed banana.
  4. The SmartyPaws Puzzler is great as it features 3 levels of difficulty. Enjoy watching your dog look for treats by sliding, rotating, flipping and revealing the hidden compartments.
  5. Take some of your pup’s favourite treats and sprinkle them through the folds and hiding places on the Snuffle Mat - Play & Treat Rectangle Fluffy Mat, stimulating your dog’s hunting instincts.


Playing one-on-one games strengthens the bond between you and your dog and gets you both moving more. Solo games can also help keep your pup busy and happy when you’re short on time or energy.

Remember to try new toys once in a while or rotate through what you already have to keep things fresh and enticing.

Pomeranian peering through an open door
  1. Play hide and seek with your dog. Hide somewhere in the house and get your dog to search for you using their smell, sight and hearing. It’s fun and the best news is that it doesn’t cost a thing!
  2. Place food throughout your house for your dog to sniff out. You can also use objects, like containers, to hide food under to increase the challenge.
  3. Tug-o-war with the Flossy Chews 3 Knot Tug Large stands up to the toughest chewers, giving hours of entertainment to dogs that love a good game of tug-o-war.
  4. Zippy Burrow's are designed for dogs who love to bury their noses to find toys and come in 9 different varieties.
  5. The Petsafe Automatic Ball Launcher is a favourite for your fetch-obsessed pooches when you don't have time to throw the ball yourself. Perfect for any indoor space, launching 2.5 to 9 metres.


Training your dog indoors on rainy days is great for enrichment and builds a stronger bond as you work together on commands, tricks and obedience skills. It’s also the perfect outlet for your dog's energy in order to tire them out.

  1. Clicker training with the EzyDog Command Training Clicker is an effective, positive reinforcement way of training your dog, as the clicking sound helps to cement desired behaviours.
  2. The Agility Slalom is perfect for training or practising at home and is lightweight so it can be used in a variety of large or small spaces.
  3. Dog’s who love to jump will enjoy the lightweight Agility Hurdle that can be used in indoor settings. Its height-adjustable feature makes it easy to use for different size dogs and differing athletic abilities.

Out of House

We believe that a little wet weather shouldn’t have to stop you and your pup from exploring the outdoors or socialising. Embracing weather, rain and all, enhances your dog's quality of life, provided their safety and well-being is kept top-of-mind.

  1. Schedule indoor playdates with your dog’s best buddies or head to a local indoor doggy daycare. Get there and back without worrying about muddy, wet seats with the Zeez Waterproof Hammock seat Cover.
  2. Go for a walk. Throw on your dog’s raincoat, like the Huskimo Peak Raincoat Thunderstorm, grab an umbrella and head out for an adventure full of new scents brought on by a recent rain or fresh wind. Don’t forget the Waterproof Dog Boots that will keep your dog’s feet dry and safe.
  3. Once you’re back home, give your wet doggo a dry off using a Micro Fiber Drying Towel. Working on your dog’s sit and stay commands at the same time, so they learn to wait patiently for you to be finished.

Now, that’s dogs covered. But what about cats?

9 Cat Activities for Rainy Days

If your cat is used to going outdoors, making your home an interactive environment will benefit your cat during wet weather when they need to be kept inside. Cat enrichment activities that encourage felines to express their natural predatory instincts will improve their health and happiness.

Cat Puzzles & Lick Mats

Cat puzzle games provide mental and physical stimulation for your cat in an engaging way by making them work for their food. Lick mats prompt natural licking behaviours, which can also be calming for your cat and provide sensory stimulation.

  1. Cover The LickiMat Classic Buddy with foods of different textures like chunky wet food or frozen bone broth.
  2. The Catit Play Treat Puzzle stimulates cats hunting skills while they figure out how to get their treats out of the puzzle. Give it a go with your cat’s favourite snack!
  3. The Catit Senses 2.0 Cat Digger will make your cat happy by promoting their natural instincts to hunt and dig for food. Plus it’s easy to clean, making it a winner in our eyes.

Cat Furniture and Scratch Posts

If you live in a smaller space, or you simply want to provide your cat with more adventure indoors, taking advantage of vertical space can open up a new world for your cat.

By also including a variety of furniture and scratch posts, with differing textures, shapes and sizes, you can keep your cat active and happy during wet weather days.

Gonger cat on scratching post
  1. A Lookout Window Cat Bed is perfect for smaller spaces and offers your cat a way to watch birds outside.
  2. Installing cat shelves on the walls is like an in-home obstacle course for your cat and allows them to experience their surroundings in a new way. It can also help to encourage exercise for those plumper feline friends.
  3. The High Bed Scratch Post with Rope helps save your furniture from sharp claws by encouraging your cat to scratch at its surface instead. It also brings out their lovable pounce and play instincts.


One of the best ways to keep your cat engaged is by regularly rotating through their toys, so that they always have something new and enticing to play with. And automated toys are great for keeping your cat busy when you’re unable to play one-on-one.

  1. Crinkly items, like the Krinkle Puff Cat Toy are cat favourites, because of the sensory and tactile stimulation. Try hiding toys in a plastic, crinkly tablecloth or placing crinkly toys in a bowl of water for your cat.
  2. The Multi-Laser Cat Toy has two interactive lasers that rotate around, up and down while randomly changing speed, exciting your cat's natural instinct to pounce and chase.
  3. A classic Cat Teaser Wand allows you to enjoy quality time with your cat while encouraging natural instincts to pounce.

The Key Takeaways: Promoting Relaxation in Your Pet

Most enrichment activities focus on physical exercise or cognitive challenges, but promoting relaxation engages your pet’s mind in a different way.

Teaching your dog to relax on cue encourages them to use self-control and develop coping mechanisms.

Likewise for cats, creating a safe and engaging space indoors will help them cope when kept indoors during wet weather.

Dog and cat snuggling

The Advantages of Wet Weather Season With Your Pet

Wet weather doesn’t need to be all doom and gloom.

In fact, wet weather enrichment activities can actually help to improve the bond between you and your pet, by allowing you to spend more quality time together. They’re also great for keeping your pet entertained and stimulated when you’re not able to play one-on-one.

Keep your beloved animal companion happy, safe and entertained indoors with exercise and stimulation when wet, rainy weather is keeping you stuck inside.

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