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White-E is a pure source of Vitamin E, natural anti-oxidant and is vital for the immune system. It is used to improve fertility, maintain muscle function and stamina. It has been a proven product with over 30 years on the market.


- Nervy dogs
- Dogs prone to cramping
- Muscle strength and stamina
- Strengthening the immune system
- Improving fertility in brood bitches and stud dogs


WHITE-E is a natural anti-oxidant. During intense training and hard exercise, harmful “free radicals” can build up in the muscle and tissue cells. “Free radicals” are unstable molecules that are capable of damaging tissues in the body. WHITE-E acts as a natural anti-oxidant to prevent ‘free radicals’ from building up.

Naturally derived Vitamin E

The Vitamin E in WHITE-E has better absorption into the body and a longer effect than synthetic Vitamin E. WHITE-E will also help with the function and strengthening of the immune system, as well as improving fertility in bitches and in male dogs. Greyhounds deficient in Vitamin E will show signs of muscle weakness, lack of stamina, lowered fertility in both bitches and male dogs, reduced immune response to infections, skin disorders and heart muscle degeneration.

Available in 500g and 1.5kg


Each 3.2g dose contains:

200 I.U of Vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopheryl acid succinate)