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Trouble & Trix Lightweight Litter Plus Baking Soda

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Share a home, not the odour

The Trouble & Trix Lightweight Fresh Floral litter uses baking soda to neutralise urine odours. Made from bentonite and cellulose which are highly absorbent, this combination traps the liquid and locks in ammonia odours providing a fresh floral scent. This natural and biodegradable litter forms an easy-to-clean one scoop clump. Its innovative lightweight formulation reduces the average bag weight of up to 35% than traditional clumping litter, making it much easier to carry around and refill the litter tray

The Trouble & Trix cat litter range combines superior, long-lasting odour control, rapid absorption, and enhanced cleaning convenience via scoopable clumps or a fresher, lower maintenance home environment. Ranging from good to extreme odour control in a variety of litter styles, Trouble & Trix cat litter ensures the home you share with your cat is always clean and fresh

At Trouble & Trix®, we realise that it’s an endless quest to win a cat’s affection but, as you know that’s half the fun. Everything we do is to help cat lovers build a better relationship with their cat. From treats, to keeping their environment clean and hygienic, we make sure you always win your cat’s affection. 

Each 15L bag lasts 14 weeks*

 Up to 35% lighter than traditional clumping litter

    • Highly absorbent
    • Baking soda neutralizes urine odours
    • Forms easy-to-clean, scoopable clumps
    • Ideal for all indoor litter trays
    • Lasts one month longer than standard paper litter

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