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Divetelact Powder

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Di-Vetelact is a low lactose animal milk replacer for ophaned and early weaned animals. It is also a useful nutritional supplement for pregnant and lactating animals.

Available 375g, 900g or 5kg

  • Ingredients
  • Feeding Guide
  • Lactose Hydrolysed skim and whole milk solids, , dried vegetable oils, dextrose, dried glucose solids, casinates, lecithin, minerals, taurine, vitamins, mixed tocopherols and emulsifiers.

    Di-vetelact has the lactose enzymically converted to easily digested glucose and galactose. It is 95% lactose Free

  • Dilution A:(foals, calves, kids, fawns)

    1 scoop Di-Vetelact to 60mL warm water (for 1 Litre place 135g (15 scoops) to 900mL of warm water ) this delivers 2600kJ

    Dilution B: (Lambs, native animals, rabbits, kittens, piglets & pups start on dilution 1 and gradually increase to Dilution B over a week)

    1 scoop Di-Vetelact to 40mL warm water (for 1 Litre place 200g(22 scoops) to 850mL of warm water ) this delivers 4200kJ


    Table should only be used as a guide
    Weigh of Animal          100g   200g   500g     1kg    5kg    10kg    20kg    50kg    100kg 
    Total Daily Volume  30ml    60ml    150ml    300ml   1L 1.6L 2.8L 5.4L 9L

       Recommended Feed per day for the first week of life  

    Foals    Feed every 2-3 hours  
    Lamb, Calves, Kids 2-3 feeds per day
    Pups, Kittens, Fawns 4feeds per day
    Piglets, 4 feeds per day
    Furred Native Animals 4 feeds per day
    Furless Native Animals     6 feeds per day 

    For animals in the first days of life add colostrum