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Vet's All Natural Weight Loss


Designed to mimic a natural wild dog diet, this 'raw' inspired, low allergy mix is a complete and balanced diet when raw meat such as Kangaroo is added. With all the hard work taken out this easy to feed mix is the perfect, all natural, healthy option for your dog. 
This Particular formula is designed help dogs achieve their ideal weight by being lower in both fat and protein and higher in vegetable matter.
The Weight Loss formula is designed to be fed at a level according to the dogs “ideal” weight, rather than its current weight (eg If your dog is 32kg, but their ideal weight is 26kg, then you feed according to the 26kg feed chart level). 

Available in
1kg - $19.95
5kg - $74.95

  • Ingredients
  • Analysis
  • Feeding Guide
  • Rolled oats, cracked barley, flax seed meal, whole cracked oats, carrots, split peas, calcium carbonate, parsley, kelp, lecithin, barley grass, Vitamin C and dried garlic.


    Protein                       11.7%
    Fat Content                 3.2%
    Carbohydrate             19.4%
    Fibre                           2.2%
    Ash                              1.8%
    Calcium mg/kg           3000
    Phosphorus mg/kg     1800
    Linoleic a mg/kg         9163
    Linolenic a mg/kg       4026

    Feed to target weight. This feeding guide should be used as a guide only – the amount of food your dog needs will vary with activity levels, breed, lifestage and gender. Monitor their body condition score and increase or decrease their food accordingly.

    Adult Dogs

    For dogs over 8 years increase the Complete Mix by 10% and decrease the meat by 10%. For puppies use our Puppy Mix

    Body weight Complete Mix Fresh water Fresh meat
    5 kg 55g 55ml 50g
    6-10 kg 100g 100ml 85g
    11-15 kg 130g 130ml 115g
    16-20 kg 175g 175ml 150g
    21-25 kg 200g 200ml 175g
    26-30 kg 225g 225ml 200g
    31-35 kg 250g 250ml 220g
    36-40 kg 280g 280ml 240g
    41-45 kg 315g 315ml 270g
    46-50 kg 350g 350ml 300g