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DGG Raincoat


Don't let the rain stop those doggie walks, the DGG Raincoat will keep your pooch dry.

Made from high quality, waterproof plastic the raincoat features sealed seams around the neck to make sure no water gets in.

Designed with freedom in mind, there are no restrictions on your dog's legs and the coat is quick and easy to put on and take off. 

There is a hole for lead attachment and a hood to keep your pup's ears nice and dry.



Back of neck to base of tail: 23cm
Chest to thigh: 37cm
Chest width: 12cm
Girth: 50cm
Total: 44cm Length x 26cm Width 
Hood: 14cm Length x 26cm Width
Dog weight range: 4-10kg


Back of neck to base of tail: 30cm
Chest to thigh: 45cm
Chest width: 18cm
Girth: 56cm
Total: 52cm Length x 28.5 Width 
Hood: 17cm Length x 28cm Width
Dog weight range: 10-20kg