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Bestie Health Jellies-The Om

Anxiety and stress can often be over looked in dogs. Signs of anxiety include excessive licking, freaking out at sounds, shadowing you or running away when your not home. These all natural, make at home jellies use 100% human grade ingredients and are immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory, they help bring a sense of calm to your dog by using ingredients such as valerian, tryptophan, I-theanine and linden to reduce anxiety.
As easy to make as simply adding water and allowing to set in the fridge, one of these 70g packs will make a two months supply for dogs less that 10kg or a one month supply for dogs 10 to 25kg.

  • Ingredients
  • Nutritional yeast, gelatin powder, linden powder, pomegranate powder, valerian powder, tryptophan, I-theanine and hawthorn powder