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Bestie Health Jellies Pep-Up

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Formulated for dogs that suffer from chronic inflammation and stress, these all natural, make at home jellies use 100% human grade ingredients and are immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory.

Inflammation and stress can have a long term effect on health and suppress the immune system, feeding the Pep-Up jellies daily can greatly improve your dog's immune system and put a pep back in their step by using ingredients such as medicinal mushrooms and other adaptogens.

As easy to make as simply adding water and allowing to set in the fridge, one of these 70g packs will make a two month supply for dogs less that 10kg or a one month supply for dogs 10 to 25kg.


Papaya powder, gelatin powder, marigold extract, ashwagandah extract, astragalus extract, reishi extract, shiitake extract, maitake extract.